Exploring Colorado’s motorcycle roads is the ultimate motorcycle touring dream and the top most coveted motorcyclist destination in America. Many of America’s most breathtaking stretches of the Rocky Mountains are found within this abundantly blessed state. Colorado completely rolls out the red carpet for visitors and so riders will find a large array of amenities to take in when it’s time to pull over and get off the bike. Some of the favorite motorcycle ride destinations are Durango, the Silverton.

As one of the Riders in the Inaugural 2015 Women’s Motorcycle Summit Challenge, you will ride through all 4, and many, many more.

And not to be forgotten? The competitive nature of every team as they combine strategy, ingenuity and grit, to win the inaugural Summit Challenge.

The Summit Challenge will officially begin at 10am, Wednesday, June 8th.
The Summit Challenge will officially end at 2 pm, Saturday, June 11th in Ouray, Colorado.