“At the end of our lives what really matters is the answer to the question, “How well did we love?” When we tap into the force of love, suddenly the unforgivable can be forgiven, the un-healable can be healed.” ­ Sara Stover

This quote is the essence of the Steel Horse Sisterhood.

What does the Steel Horse Sisterhood logo mean?

In 2013, Steel Horse SIsterhood logo was created. A community. A spiritual connection. One woman’s hands covering another, with love holding us together, reaching down to cover another set of hands. It was at that moment the message of Love was established.

The freedom we have to accomplish any and all things was depicted by the wings. To lift up and allow us to see, on all sides. And in the center of it all is the Star? A fixed luminous point in the night sky, set to influence our personal destiny and to emulate worthiness, goodness and truth. As we Travel in the direction we are meant to go. To find. Our Purpose.

This year, we ride, together. To move outside our comfort zone and familiar boundaries. Let’s shake it up and focus on really matters: Love!

Joan Krenning
Steel Horse Sisterhood