The Mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities
a recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization
To provide opportunities for women to develop and refine their skills while encouraging the art of women mentoring women
and serving people in the motorcycle community.

The Mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit
To inspire growth in women’s lives and in the sport of women and motorcycling while making a charitable impact.

The Mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Rides & Retreats
Connecting Women Who Share a Passion for Motorcycles

Who We Are

The Steel Horse Sisterhood is a community of women who motivated by God’s love, as leaders in the women’s motorcycle community, are committed to serving people, spiritually, emotionally, and physically with integrity and respect, using our love for riding to positively impact lives.

Our Founder’s Vision

“I have already seen the day, in that place where my vision lives; the day when women from all corners of our continent and of our world converge together. To live, laugh, love, and ride! With our faces to the wind, we enjoy, collaborate, and inspire each other to live life with no limits and die with no regrets.” ~ Joan Krenning