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HOSTED BY S.T.R.O.N.G. Women of the Steel Horse Sisterhood


All press related to the Steel Horse Sisterhood Women's Motorcycle Summit and Lady Road Dog and Co. are below!

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The natural beauty of Ouray, nestled in the San Juan Loop of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, basecamped at the Twin Peaks Lodge  was bathed in morning sunlight and cast a stunning backdrop and forward thinking view to the 3rd Women’s Motorcycle Summit hosted by the S.T.R.O.N.G. Women of the Steel Horse Sisterhood. The event,  featuring the 1st America’s Summit Challenge, could not have tur…Read More

LOVELAND, Colorado., May 31, 2016 /FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities, the inspirational creator of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit in 2014, attracting some of the greatest female riders from all genres, is doing their part to remind us of the simple joys and pleasures in life which comes down to the experiences we share. The 1st ever, America’s Summit Challenge, set for …Read More

With a little more than 5 months to go, we thought we should give you a bit of an early warning regarding ticket sales. Unlike previous years, there are unlikely to be tickets for this amazing motorcycle rally available at the last minute. After only one month of reservations, we are currently at 30% capacity in the Base Camp located at the Twin Peaks Lodge in Ouray. We are so far ahead of where …Read More

Press Release: Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities Granted 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 15th,, 2015 

Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities Granted 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status Loveland, Colorado – Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities is proud to announce it is now officially a public charity with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue…Read More

Press Release: Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities Announces Kickstands Up for the 2016 Women’s Motorcycle Summit FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 23rd, 2015 Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities Announces Kickstands Up Loveland, Colorado – Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities (SHSC) is pleased to announce the 2016 Women's Motorcycle Summit season and the two(2) unique planned events pairing skilled women r…Read More

Inspiring Women On Motorcycles

From the woman who rides her own motorcycle, no matter the make or model, to the woman thinking about riding her own motorcyle, to the male and female co­riders who enjoy the lifestyle as a passenger rider ­are invited to learn, laugh, and celebrate at the heart of the 2016 Steel Horse SIsterhood Summit in Ouray, CO.

The Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities* makes the Women’s Motorcycle Summit, The Summit Challenge, and Charitable Giving a reality through event registrations, donations, and corporate sponsorship. Our Events and Operations are supported through the events we host as well as various sponsors.

You don’t want to miss out on this 3­-day Motorcycle Event. Sellout is expected! Purchase your tickets today before it's too late to make history with the women of the summit! The filming of "Women Ride Motorcycles" will occur this year, so register now and get ready for the best weekend of your life!