On and off her motorcycle Pat Jacques is a genuine, courageous, authentic BadAss! She transformed her early life of violence and abuse to become a pioneer woman racing men’s Motocross, earned her college degree, and became a successful woman entrepreneur. Her passion is empowering women through personal and motorcycle coaching! Pat listens deeply, makes profound connections, and utilizes her Freedom Coach Skills and many varied life experiences to assist women to live authentic, joyful, abundant lives. Pat is vibrant, energetic, and has been described as “a force of nature!” She is excited to see her fellow BadAss Steelhorse Sisters at the 2016 Summit in Ouray, CO!


You were born to BadAss! That’s right! You were born Great! Beautiful! Brilliant! Totally BadAss! So let’s look at what’s keeping you from embracing the truth of who you are, grabbing life by the handlebars, and creating the most awesome BadAss life ever?

Pat’s will explore the three “Bs”: Boxes, Blocks, and Beliefs that tie us down! It’s time to lose what’s tying us down and fly!