Making sure we’re meeting the needs of our Summit Attendees means choosing our experts wisely. The Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit counts on their advice, and their expertise, each year, to enhance your skills training.

Pat Jacques

Patricia (Pat) Jacques is energetic, vibrant, and quick to laugh.  She began tearing up the South Carolina trails when she was just 8 years old! Soon after, she begged her Dad to let her ride a “Powder Puff” motocross race where she lapped the entire class!  Pat loved competing and racing but there weren’t many other women riders so she competed in the men’s classes!  She brought home trophies almost every weekend. 

“I’ve never seen a girl ride like you! You’re better than most of the boys.”  Rolf Tibblin, 1962 500CC Motocross World Champion

After reading about other women moto cross racers in California, she talked her family into travelling over 3000 miles cross country for the International Women’s Motocross Association (IWMA) National Championship motocross races in Indian Dunes, California.  Pat led much of the Women’s National Championship race before several mishaps cost her the overall championship.  Still, IWMA President, Kasey Rogers, wrote

“You must surely know by now that you made quite an impression on everyone at the Nationals with your riding ability and obvious talent…your impressive showing certainly put you in the category of being one of the finest women riders in the United States.”

Pat retired from racing motocross to attend college.  She moved to Colorado and earned her degree in Computer Management Sciences.  But the lure of two wheels was too much.  After attending a Speedway race in Denver, she bought leathers and a bike and began racing her “no brakes,” methanol alcohol powered Jawa 4 valve against the boys.  Wearing a steel shoe on her left foot and racing oval tracks was fun, but Pat quickly returned to her motocross roots.  She spent several years racing the Sports Riders Association of Colorado 250B and VetB classes earning third overall in both men’s divisions.  She retired a second time after multiple injuries to her knee.

Now in her mid-fifties, Pat still enjoys robust, challenging single track trail riding.  However Adventure Touring off the beaten path is taking up more and more of her riding time.  Travelling into the back country surrounded by majestic views is heaven on earth!  She enjoys the laid back pace, quiet, and beauty of places very few travel.  She continues to train and coach other riders, offering dirt bike and dual sport lessons and guided tours.  

Most recently Pat became a certified “Freedom Coach” with nationally acclaimed and multi-award winning author Cynthia James.  For Pat, helping women release limiting beliefs and behaviors to move into an empowered life is a natural extension of riding motorcycles!  It’s all about releasing fears and old beliefs, learning new skills while embracing freedom!  Pat is excited to share this amazing life and journey with her Steel Horse Sisters!