“IF I WOKE UP TOMORROW and couldn’t ride my motorcycle, I guess I could get used to it. But my soul would be lost, forever.”

The motorcycle keeps me centered and balanced. She is my muse, my mentor (she teaches me life’s lessons, sometimes in startling ways) and my very best friend. She carries me where I wish to go, without making demands or judgements.

The Steel Horse Sisterhood Women’s Motorcycle Summit of 2016 has taken on a new purpose. As we connect women who share a passion for motorcycles we are all enriched.

Not one of the women who attended the 2015 Summit left for home unchanged.

The creation of the 2016 Summit Challenge is to inspire you, stretch you and push you …. MORE!

What are your capabilities? Step out of your comfort zone, Register and meet me in Ouray, Colorado in June of 2016.

Are you up for it? Because I know I sure am.

See you there!

Joan Krenning – Lady Road Dog