Joan, Dawn and Jeanette Beartooth Pass Riding June 2015I Ride, to Live!

by Joan Krenning

I made that decision in 2012 when I finally reached that place in my life where I was worn out with the alternative. (That’s another story for another time.)

As with anything, the lifestyle contains tradeoffs. But I have “No regrets.”
And learning how to “Ride, to Live” has been quite a journey.

Monday, September 7th, marked a day in my life that I have been waiting for, for a very long time.
A few hours before dawn, I pulled out of Loveland, Colorado heading for Ouray, Colorado via; Cheyenne, Casper, Billings (511 mile mark), Butte 739 miles mark), Idaho Falls, and Pocatello, Idaho, the 1000 mile Mark. Then on to Salt Lake City, Green River, Grand Junction (1447 miles) and finally, 1544 miles and 36 hours later, Ouray, Colorado.
1000 miles into that ride, I qualified for my Iron Butt status and when I hit Ouray in less than 36 hours, I had unofficially earned my Bun Burner Gold. (I will still need to file all paperwork)

Another milestone  I reached on that same ride was my 60,000 mile mark on my sweet Freedom Glide in just a little over 31 months.
As of the publishing of this article, I have turned over to 72,500.
It’s been quite a journey.
Although the Iron Butt Ride  was ridden almost entirely on the 4-lanes, droning on the highway is really for cages.
Twisties are where it’s at!!!
And you’ll want a sticky tire to ride them.
The beauty of a sticky tire is you’ll enjoy your ride on the highways AND have total confidence when riding the twisties.
For the last 49,000 miles up until that ride last Labor Day, I have ran with the Cobra Tires manufactured by Avon.
Of course when the bike was new I rode for the first 4000 miles with the stock tires. When I received those beautiful Ride Wright Rims, they arrived with a competing brand which I did not care for at all.
It was at 10,000 miles that I purchased my first set of the Avon Cobras. I strayed one time on the recommendation of a bike builder but did not even keep that set on for their full lifetime. I did not feel that same level of trust. And I returned to my favorites, the Avon Cobras.
My stats:
Mileage on tires depends on the air pressure you run, time of year, speed you ride and for how long of stretches and other variables)
  • 8,000 to 10,000 miles on my rear
  • 12,000 – 17,000 miles on my front
  • Keep in mind, I change tires a little before many do.
Avon-LogoPasses Ridden up until Labor Day were too many to mention them all.
Wolf Creek
Trail Ridge
Chief Joseph 3 times
Beartooth twice
…and many more.
I’ve ridden the:
Texas Hill Country at least a half a dozen times along with the highways of Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and of course many 100’s of miles of twisty riding in Colorado.
The most important stat: No Slippage and that total feeling of security
Steel Horse Sisterhood-126_zpsu7lhno1u#NoWorryRiding is the only way to ride.
When you are riding high miles, gear choices are critical.

The tires you run are your single most important piece of gear.
For this high miler, Avon Cobras are my choice for tires.
See you on the road.
Riding American Proud,
About Lady Road Dog
Considered one of the most controversial women in motorcycling, Joan Krenning is an entrepreneur, blogger, an accomplished motorcycle rider, the founder of DesignWraps Brands and the owner of Lady Road Dog & Company.
Joan is also the founder of the Steel Horse Sisterhood and promotes events each year that inspires women, with both growth in their lives as well as growing the sport of motorcycling.
Joan currently rides a 2013 Street Glide that she affectionately refers to as the Freedom Glide. She purchased her first motorcycle, a 1986 Softtail Custom, in May of 1986, and has been riding motorcycles, off and on for the last 29 years.
She resides in Loveland, Colorado in the summer, Mesa, Arizona in the winter and when asked what she considers her greatest accomplishment, she will smile and say her grandson, Logan and her sons, Ryan and Matt.
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