Work hard, be outgoing and have fun!

Are you outgoing? Do you love riding motorcycles? Do you wish to help spread the love? Being a Steel Horse Sisterhood Brand Ambassador is about representing the Sisterhood in a positive way, and bringing great energy to our events, to events around the country and Worldwide as well as spreading the word from right where you are at. Your job involves talking with consumers or event attendees. If you are shy, get over it! Go out, talk with women…..and MEN, who love to ride and tell them about the Steel Horse Sisterhood. We know you will make them feel excited to be speaking with you. It’s all about smiling and having fun.

Speaking of fun…have fun! Being a Steel Horse Sisterhood Brand Ambassador is a fun job. Go out and work hard but have a great time doing it. Who says you can’t do both? Congratulations, you just learned how to become a Steel Horse Sisterhood Brand Ambassador, and actually a very outstanding Brand Ambassador.

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The Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities, is a recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing opportunities for women to develop and refine their skills while encouraging the art of women mentoring women while serving people in the motorcycle community.