Motorcycle riders journeying into Ouray from locations globally, will have built their own 2­4 person teams with friends (pre­registration necessary) or have been placed on a team (of new friends!) and for three days, through laughter, sweat and tears (of joy of course), they will ride to predetermined locations (you will have a clue book, WE PROMISE), and compete in an inspiring and sometimes jaw­dropping motorcycle scavenger hunt (played out on INSTAGRAM).

The team that accumulates the most POINTS with the highest quality of fun submissions (yes, there will be judges) will join their team member(s) as the first in the Winner’s Circle of the Summit Challenge, be inducted into the Summit Challenge Hall of Fame and be featured in the WOMEN RIDE MOTORCYCLES DOCUMENTARY.

Every rider will walk away with a heightened perspective on their capabilities, and memories of an amazing 3­-days. Looking forward, Future Winners will look back through the Hall of Fame at the ones who paved the way.

This year’s Winning Team will also be showered with prizes from the Sponsors who also believed in this inaugural event.

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